Four of our pupils got the opportunity to be extras on a film set in Stroud and also had a go at operating some of the technical equipment. Here is one of our pupils Alice’s account of her experience:

Treading Water Short Film:

At 2pm on the 30th April 2018 I arrived at the Crypt School to experience my first time on set for a short film. I was introduced to the cast and then after a short wait for the equipment to be set up, the filming began! To start with I found it a little strange having to act natural with a camera in your face, but after doing the same scene a couple of times over I soon got the hang of it! The next day was the same as the one before just with an earlier 8am start to the day and a sports scene being filmed. It was interesting to see how the crew used different techniques to create unique effects and angles. On Easter Day we spent the whole day outside filming and luckily for me, I was allowed to work the clapper for a few scenes and also tried out holding the boom (for sound). On the last day we had to be on set for 7am! We went over scenes that had already been done and filmed classroom scenes with a teacher. Overall I had an amazing time and learnt so much about how films are created and saw just some of the work that gets put into them. Although I was only an extra I enjoyed every moment and would definitely do it again!

*Photo of Alice on playback screen